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‘I think the music is a field of energies generated between two poles, one connected to the technical-linguistic speculation and one to the instinct and intuition; I do not consider those two in a dialectical opposition though, but rather as integrated elements of the same system which are in dialogic relationship. As such as the pair past-future, the research for new expressive forms and modalities derived from what has come before which belongs and permeates me as an individual who is part of a cultural system with which I can relate on different levels, from the ludic to the critic or oppositional, but something with I always have to come to terms. Music is for me a process of recognition of the musical singularity that is in me and that I discover progressively: it is about the listening of the collective that is inside me, of that ‘being in many’ which is the bedrock of the musical subject. And is always a search for freedom which passes through the attempt to recognise and liberate my true voice from the inevitable conditioning of what is around me.’

(Renzo Cresti, Musica presente – tendenze e compositori di oggi, Lucca, 2019) 


Bio March 2020