LUDWIGS ZORN (Ipervariazione sul Rondò a capriccio op.129 di Ludwig van Beethoven) (2019-20) – for large orchestra

MAIS LA TERRE ÉTAIT PLEINE DE REFLETS (Tre studi sulla risonanza) (2019) – for string orchestra

PRELUDI (2010) – for bassethorn and string orchestra

SCENA LIRICA from Garcia Lorca’s ‘Mariana Pineda’ (2005) for two sopranos, alto and bass, children choir, female choir and big orchestra



ERSTARRUNG (dopo una lettura della Sonata ‘Arpeggione’ D821 di Franz Schubert) (2019) – for basset horn and string quintet FLAMEN TRIPLUS (2018) – for Baroque oboe, Wiener oboe and oboe QUADERNO KOSOVEL (2017) – for piano, violin and cello

QUATTRO MINIATURE BAROCCHE (2015) – for violin and bass clarinet

PARAFRASI DEL NERO (from Nuages gris, Unstern!, Trauer-Gondel n.1, En rêve and Bagatelle sans tonalité by Franz Liszt) (2013-15) – for six instruments

MINIMAL SUITE (2014) – for alto sax and percussions

VISIONS (2013) – for ensemble of western and non-western instruments

(DE)CADENZE (2011) – for clarinet and string quartet

FIVE FRAGMENTS (2011) – for oboe e sheng

ZU FLÄCHE (2009) – for baritone sax baritono and cello

DUO I (2009) – for bassethorn and percussions

SKETCHBOOK (2006) for ensemble

TAKSIMLER (2003) for flute and prepared piano



DIE LIEBESMASCHINE (from Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder) (2013) – for string quartet

KAIROS (2012) – for string quartet


SOLO III (new version) (2015) – for sheng

À LA MANIERE DE… (2010) – for piano

SOLO II (2010) – for piano

SOLO I (2009) – for bassethorn

SCENA D’AUTUNNO (2008) for piano

MUSICA ELETTRONICA  (with and without acoustic instruments)

ULTRAVOX I (2018) – for double bass and electronics SOLO IV (the importance of being Ernest) (2017) – for oboe and electronic device

QUATTRO CANZONI POPOLARI (2014) – for string quartet and electronics

METROPOLI (2009) – electronic music


CANTAI UN TEMPO (dopo una lettura di Monteverdi) (2017) – for voice and string quartet RIZOMA I (2017) – for soprano, ensemble and electronics CANZONI AL SOL (2016) – for voice and doublebass

V SOMRAK ZVONI (2010) – for mixed choir


TRE SONATE DI DOMENICO SCARLATTI (2016) – per quintetto di ottoni 6 MELODIE (original version of six melodies from K.H. Stockhausen’s Tierkreis) (2010) – for bassethorn and string orchestra 4 MELODIES (original version of four melodies from Stockhausen’s Tierkreis) (2010) – for ensemble of western and non-western instruments EINE SPIELDOSE (da ‘Komm, Mein Liebe Zither’ di W.A. Mozart) (2014) – for clarinet, basset clarinet and string quartet MONTEVERDI/PIERINI – VAGA SU SPINA ASCOSA (from Libro VII of Madrigals) (2014) – for string quartet

MONTEVERDI/PIERINI – SE I MIEI LANGUIDI SGUARDI (2013) – for soprano and string quartet

SCHUBERT/PIERINI – OTTO LIEDER DA WINTERREISE (2013) – for tenor, piano and string trio

ŠOSTAKOVIČ/PIERINI – THE CHASE (from Korzinkina’s adventures) (2013) –  for piano and string quartet

BINCHOIS/PIERINI – ADIEU M’AMOUR ET MA MAISTRESSE (2013) – for countertenor and string quartet

MACHAUT/PIERINI – DE DESCONFORT (2013) – for countertenor and cello

LESCUREL/PIERINI – GRACÏEUSETTE (2013) – for countertenor and string quartet

LESCUREL/PIERINI – A VOUS, DOUCE DEBONNAIRE (2013) – for countertenor, violin and viola

DESPREZ/PIERINI – AVE MARIA (2013) – for countertenor and string quartet

WOLPE/PIERINI – FOUR SONGS OF THE PIONEERS by STEFAN WOLPE (2009) – for voice and string quartet

ŠOSTAKOVIČ/PIERINI – LES SALON RUSSES (2006) (Arrangements of music for a ‘Pre-opera’ of the ‘Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district’)